Thursday, November 11, 2010

WRS Finals w/The Conference

I recently traveled to the WRS world finals in Rye, New Hampshire with the dudes from The Conference over this past weekend. Their job; blade. Mine was to film them. So check it out..

Aside from that I spent a lot of time shooting these photos..
(JC & Sotckwell also shot a few of te ones with me in them)

I flew out of LAX with Jeff & JC..

Jeff looking out over LA

After landing in Boston it was off to the rental car spot..

We finally made it to the hotel

This is proof that the $500 "smoking in the room" fine we received is bullsh*t

Chief Stockwell

Jeff & Don

The crew minus the Farm


Don & Jeff

Don & Jeff & Myself

Don & JC reppin tha D

I took a nap and woke up to all these people in my room.

Don pullin the trigger & Trudes smoochin her beer

Jeff Chris Don

Sky over Rye Airfield

white owl

Jeff & Farmer & Shooz

Fish & Jeff

Farmer lookin in the mirror

Demetrios manning the USD booth

Matt Ladewski

The Farm strappin' up

Jeff and the little shredders

I need to get Haffeys autograph too..

Franco Cammayo ROAR!

Stockweezy & Big Richizard

Ariel Surun

OG shredder Quang Do

Rob G & Raya

Sean Keane

World Champ Chris Haffey

Trudes n The Farm

Chris & his Jittos pizza

JC Grubbin

Jeff, Jero, Fish & JC

Mark Wodja and his boo

Fish & Jero up front, Farmer and Demetri in back seat

Chaz Sands, Mathias Silhan, Miguel Ramos and Matt Mickey in Portsmouth, NH

Fish in Portsmouth

Portsmouth locals

F A D E • N A T I O N

Jeph Howard & Brian Aragon

Stockwell and Bails

Don & Jeff in Boston

Don & JC

smoke-break alleyway

Random Boston Window

Bambrick, Stockwell, JC

Thank you guys.

What I looked like all weekend..

Me & Boston with Stockwell behind the lens

Big thank you to The Conference for the opportunity, and to all the dudes in the van.

Thanks for stopping by.


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