Sunday, December 7, 2008

trailer upload post

in case you were wondering, were still here, i did lose my photo camera though. hence the lack of anything here. But i have since got a new jam (the $89 black friday special) so yea.. the trailer is uploading right now.. its 4:12 am.. i got 8 minutes to get something ready. but umm.. heres some semi pointless pics..

we got stickerssss.. the good vinyl kind too.. JC made them for us at his work..

"YOU'RE NOT SHOWING ME ANYTHING NEW IM FROM REDONDO BEACH MAN!" -homeless guy to the crew when we were blading in austin circa 97

DTLA and water

Lee in the studio


please hold....

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David McNamara said...

Looking good Lonnie. Where's the reply to me email though! ! !