Monday, October 20, 2008

Colorado Road Trip

as mentioned somewhere in a previous post Brandon Negrete went along on the Colorado Roadtrip this year to film for too faded.. the footage all looks really cool. Lots of cool people made it out. Our good friend and photographer Nick Rother also went along for the trip (i think hes a regular on the trip) and shot some cool photos for us. Check em outt..

negrete on the grill tip.. and now that i think of it hes been known to make great carne asada too

jeff stockwell

negrete shooting super8

of people jumping off this bridge

while Nick was busy taking pictures of their butts

alejo on the drums and geezus on the harmonica and stockweezy on the guitar

and this is me.. i didnt go on the colorado road trip but nick took this picture of me in front of an awesome fire thing.. word.

the end (of todays post)

and if you missed the link for nicks website THE CLICK HERE

gracias for the visit.


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