Monday, September 3, 2007

finished part 1: waiting

so when the dvd was finally all done and authored out, we had a week and a half of waiting around for the copies to come back. We've probably watched the video a billion times by this point, i still like it. Here's some of what we did while enjoying our down time..

i went to sf on some family business and chilled out with Bryant Rutledge (see: brain_fear_gone friends alleyoop topsoul). When i took the bart to his place and got off i saw this super gnar death ledge.

Brandons cat finally took a chill pill on killing my cat.

Haffey is like one of those animal whisperers.. damn pets love him..

Farmer was in town for micahs wedding..

My cat kind of just lays down wherever he feels like it.. we think she might be a born stoner, but she lets us put weird stuff on it without really fussing or anything so thats pretty cool.

Negrete & KG

Shima came by to get a sneak peak of the video. Eric torres and Ryan santos made him go "whoa."

Mr ramen sesh..

more of the ramen sesh..

smell the glove?

Bum pushing pallets down the street on some hood sh*t.

Smokey linked up with DMX on some rough riders business..

McDonalds drive thru.. and dont give me any "havent you seen supersize me" guff either.. its the closest still-open thing.

Jay Red

Lee watches his part..

So yea thats about it while we were waiting around.. besides me going to work. enjoy.

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